Carpet can be one of the last things you think about removing. But situations like home renovations, floods, mold, and other welcome or not-so-welcome events can suddenly create the need for a carpet removal service. Our team of junk removal professionals can safely haul away your old, unwanted, or damaged carpet, and allow you to focus your energy on the next project at hand. With our eco-friendly policies, you can rest easy that we will recycle as much of the material as possible, so your project will have the smallest impact on the Earth as possible.

Carpet Removal, Disposal, and Recycling in Chicago

You also don’t have to wait to get rid of your carpet. Just call 1-800-586-5735 or Book Online and our professional crew will schedule a time that works for you to haul away your carpet. We also have years of experience with recycling carpet and will make sure your disposal is eco-friendly.