Refrigerators were not made to be mobile. So when they break or need replacing, it can be quite a chore hauling them out of the kitchen. And even if you’re able to accomplish the difficult task of removing the refrigerator, there’s the problem of disposal. With so many parts and chemicals, a landfill is the last place a refrigerator should end up. Let 1-800-Junk-Relief handle everything in one easy step. We  haul your refrigerator away from where it sits, always salvaging and recycling every part we can.

Refrigerator Removal and Disposal in Chicago

Don’t let your old refrigerator just take up space. Just call 1-800-586-5735 or Book Online and our professional crew will schedule a time that works for you to haul away your refrigerator. We also have years of experience with recycling refrigerators and will make sure its disposal is eco-friendly.

Other Types of Appliance Disposal Services

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